How to become a “teamer”

You are interested in the work with children and teenagers and looking for voluntary work?
Then you're just right with us.
The organisation and execution pose big challenges but also much fun.
There are 4 weekends where we plan, school, reflect and of course have fun as a team, as well.
If you are interested and want more information, 

just give us a call on 02271-50599-30, write an email to zeltstadt@woanders.org or use the form below.

Our team

Birgit Hefner
Camp leader
Connected with Zeltstadt already since 1996 - of last century! Gathering "Zeltonen"; exploring needs, investigating possibilities and striving for innovation. By the way, you @ Zeltstadt is the only valuable reason for me to expose to the sun that long. Real life profession: IT for big data and Red Cross on charity base.
Cedric Schumann
Camp leader

Joined the Team in 2015 after participating since long. Ongoing studies PGCE Teacher Training course special needs education.

David Gurski
Solange noch Kaffee da ist, ist alles in Ordnung.
David Müller
Or also, because of my stunning movement art, named crane (Kranich). Sometimes also Jumping Jacks (Hampelmann) or body clown (Körperkasper). I joined the team in 2015. When I'm not active in the Zeltstadt, you usually find me in a library, where I learn for my mechanical engineering studies.
Fiona Müller
Usually just called Fifi. I joined the team in 2015 as a teamer in KidZ, before that I was a participant in TeenZ for a few years. Usually you find me in the 'Schatzkammer', where people paint and do handicrafts, or where I sometimes not operate on kuddly toys. Outside the Zeltstadt I study mechanical engineering.
Laura Balsamo
Camp leader
I have been a member of the team since 2016. You usually find me in the "Schatzkammer" with a lot of paint on my fingers and sometimes also brushes or pencils in my hair. In the real world I study maths and computer science for a teaching position. And I torment customers at IKEA.
Maike Zöllner
Camp leader
Joined the team in 2017. Usually I work as a counsellor for children withwithdrew disabilities and am studying to become a teacher for special needs education.
Marcel mit Hut
Eigentlich Marcel Weber aber das wissen die Leute entweder nicht oder es ist ihnen egal. Nachdem ich lange Teili war stand ich irgendwann vor der Wahl aufzuhören, mir ein Kind zu klauen oder Teamer zu werden. Da das erste nicht in Frage kam und das zweite illegal ist war mein Schicksal besiegelt. Zur Zeit studiere ich Lehramt Sachunterricht für die Grundschule in Wuppertal.
Marco Murawski
Joined the team in 2016, previously been a participant. Outside the campsite I work as an IT System Administrator.
Max Schoepgens
Hello my name is Max. I joined the team in 2017, currently student at the vocational college for mechanical engineering. Without me, the team would still be at the dismantling. In my spare time I like to play with Nintendo consoles.
Marco Noch
I was already a teamer from 2002 to 2006. Now I found my way back. In real life, I work in the emergency services.
Sandra Krebs
Hey, I'm Sandra🙂 I myself have been a participant of OZ for many years (2004 -2011). In 2019 I became a teamer in GENeraTionZ. You can find me in the campsite tavern or at Make-up-children🙂 Privately I am a triple mommy in parental leave🙂
Silvia Kretzler
I have been on the team since 2018. You can usually find me in the "Schatzkammer", among all the creative possibilities. In real life I study security engineering.

And many more who do not want to appear here 🙂