Woanders e.V.

Non-profit association to strengthen of Youth & Cultural Work

About us

With our Project we want to reach people of all ages, try to support the cross generational interaction and the contact between people from different areas of life. Our work intends to reduce fear of contact and support tolerance and curiosity for other people, so we try to strengthen the team-spirit “We”.

Our sponsors, patrons & supporters

The Board of Directors

Marco Murawski
1st Chairman
2016 dem Team beigetreten, vorher als Teilnehmer unterwegs gewesen. Außerhalb des Platzes arbeite ich als Fachinformatiker.
Marcel Dohle
2nd Chairman
Mein Name ist Marcel Dohle, ich bin 40 Jahre alt und 2. Vorsitzender im Verein. Ich komme aus Titz.
David Müller
Ich bin David Müller, bin seit dem 11.01.2019 der Kassierer des Woanders e.V. und studiere in Aachen Maschinenbau. Ich bin 21 Jahre alt und bin seit 2015 im Verein tätig.

To become a member of Woanders e.V.

You want to support financial and have a decision of the future and the actions of the association? 
So, you have the possibility to fill out the form and become a member of the association. It’s easy.
It’s easy. Just print, fill it out and send it via email to vorstand@woanders.org , or by regular mail to: Dechant-Buff-Straße 1, 50169 Kerpen, Deutschland or hand it in by person to the committee.
They will advise you and make a decision about your membership.


The Concept

The “Woanders e.V” wants to give young people the possibility to show their own skills. The destination is to see the potential of the people and to expand them. We also support the intergenerational contact, tolerance and curiosity for other people.



Foundation by active and former participants and employees of the "Offene Zeltstadt".

Offene Zeltstadt

The sponsorship of the "Offene Zeltstadt" was taken over by the Woanders e.V. and the "OZ" was carried out until 2017.

Healthy breakfast

The healthy breakfast was held by Woanders e.V. in Geschwister-Scholl Realschule until 2014.

Pedagogical offer for the afternoon

Until 2014 the project was carried out in the secondary level I in the secondary school Bergheim.


The TeenZ is organized by the Woanders e.V. as a holiday leisure offer for young people.


The KidZ is run by the Woanders e.V. as a holiday leisure offer for children.


7TeenZ is a summer camp for young people aged 14-17 and is organized by the Woanders e.V..
The Open AIRft is specially designed for young people by the age 14 and up with special Highlights/focus on diversity, concerts and community.


With the GENeraTionZ a leisure time for families with children was created. Now all age groups are covered and a real generation exchange can take place.


Dear tenties, dear parents,

Forsight we will be there at the planned times!

Because of the current Situation und the actual limitations, we will have some limitations too.

  • There will be less participant at every project.
  • There won't be any sleepovers in the KidZ. (Bring: 7:30 - 9:00 o'clock | fetch: 19:30-21:00)
  • The Project KidZ will be without overnight stays. There will be Lunch and Dinner.
  •  At the Others Projects are overnight stays possible - with your own tent.
  • At the Places we can't Safe the Distance of 1,5m we have to wear a face Mask.

Tenty greetings
your Zeltstadt-Team