04. Juli 2021

Der Termin ist noch voräufig

We invite you to visit the official opening, the community and get some impressions of our camplife. We'll provide lot's of information and you can actively experience parts of our program. Our portfolio is for people of all ages. We are looking forward to meet you!

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04.07.2021 ab 18:00 Uhr









Die Termine für 2021 sind noch vorläufig

05.-10. Juli 2021 / 12.-17. Juli 2021

7-12 years

18.-25. Juli 2021

12-15 years

27.-31. Juli 2021

From 14 years

02.-07. August 2020

Families with children

Program 2020

Das Programm für 2021  wird vorraussichtlich im Februar veröffentlicht.

Our campsite

Our campsite “Zeltstadt” is at a forest glade in Bergheim-Paffendorf next to the “Erft”

Adress: Zum Gut Bohlendorf, 50126 Bergheim, Deutschland
Please park at the parking area and walk the last 100 metres.

Our prices

*Due to funding from the cities of Bergheim, Elsdorf and Bedburg, bookings from these cities are prioritised. For bookings from other cities we charge, due to missing subsidies, a surcharge of 5,-€/day. In addition we can confirm these bookings, as well as bookings of individual days only starting from June 1st.
Through the education and participation package (BuT) a refund up to 100% of the participation fee is possible. Further information can be found here..